Document Examination Continuing Education Program Lectures

This continuing education program is open to anyone interested in the field of document examination. This program is part of the training for document examiners. It is offered as an opportunity to learn more about the field of document examination.

Classes are taught Monday evenings using a virtual classroom through Zoom. Each class touches upon a subject related to document examination and is independent of the other classes enabling you to join at any time during the two year period. The classes are free and can be used to meet the requirements of IADE for continuing education for all members.

Contact Kathie Koppenhaver if you are interested in attending these weekly Monday Night Classes. Read the Newsletter to learn more.

The International Association of Document Examiners (IADE)

IADE is open to anyone interested in the field of document examination whose intention is to work to full qualification then continually advance. IADE is dedicated to continuing education for document examiners. For example, all new members receive a copy of the IADE Handbook containing articles of interest and recommended procedures in examining handwriting.

The Monday Night Classes are part of the continuing education offered to members.

Classes begin at 7:30 PM Eastern Time.

Learn more about IADE or apply for membership at

Homework Policy

Questions are sent to attendees of classes. Participants can return the answers to Kathie Koppenhaver. Records will be maintained for all participants who submit answers to the questions and certificates awarded when you complete your continuing education studies. The program is a 2-year program.


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