Katherine Koppenhaver — Quick Facts

The most important criteria for a document examiner is the ability to do the job.

  • Katherine Koppenhaver has demonstrateed her ability to analyze handwriting with a high degree of accuracy by participating in Proficiency Testing through Forensic Expertise Profiling Laboratory (FEPL)
  • She founded the International Association of Document Examiners (IADE).
  • She is a Certified Questioned Document Examiner by the IADE.
  • Katherine Koppenhaver has handled over 3000 questioned document cases involving thousands of documents since 1983.
  • She has an international clientele.
  • She has testified in over 500 cases in court and deposition.
  • She is consulted frequently by other document examiners for assistance with their cases.
  • Ms. Koppenhaver is the author of Attorney's Guide to Document Examination published by Greenwood Publishers. For an excerpt from the book, go to Collecting Exemplars.
  • Ms. Koppenhaver has written a college textbook entitled Forensic Document Examination, Principles and Practice, published by Springer.

Copies of Ms. Koppenhaver's books can be purchased from her (using this Book Order Form - MS Word) or directly from the publishers.