Handling Your Questioned Documents Case

  • Your case will be handled in a timely manner upon arrival in our office.
  • Your documents will be scanned into the computer and used to create exhibits.
  • These exhibits will be used to graphically support our opinion.
  • Our document examiners will compare questioned with known exemplars in order to draw conclusions.
  • Our staff will call you with a verbal report as soon as we have thoroughly examined your documents.
  • We can supply you with a letter of opinion, an affidavit or a detailed report.
  • We will provide court or deposition testimony to support our opinion in your case, if necessary.

We do not perform destructive testing on any documents in our possession.

Ideally, we like to work with original documents whenever possible. We can begin our examination with photocopies, preferably a first-generation photocopy, which is one made from the original. We do not like to work with faxed documents because they may lose too many details for effective examination.

We will need comparable material for comparison purposes, preferably documents similar to the questioned documents and executed during the same time period. Exemplars must be able to be verified as genuine handwriting samples. We like to have 20 or more signatures or five or six pages of handwriting for comparison purposes.

Our equipment is portable. We can examine and photograph documents at any location. We look forward to having the opportunity to work with you.