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IADE Accepting Applications for Membership

Katherine Koppenhave founded the International Association of Document Examiners (IADE). The principal goal of the organization is education and training for document examiners. IADE wants to help document examiners develop their expertise and qualify for certification, and will be certifying those examiners who demonstrate their knowledge and skill as document examiners based on testing. The organization is open to all law-abiding citizens who have an interest in document examination.

Board Certification

One of the most important criteria for forensic scientists is board cerfification. It is essential to investigate the type of board certification possessed by an expert. Certification varies among different organizations. Some organizations grandfather in many of their experts so that they are awarded board certification without any testing to determine their ability in the field of document examination. Board certification testing should meet the national standards of reliability and validity. It must test the knowledge and skill of the examiner in all area related to document examination.

Wolves in Sheep's Clothing

Anyone can call himself or herself a document examiner. Carefully review the background to verify the credentials of anyone who claims expertise in the field of document examination. Contact former clients to check on the expert's ability. Look for incongruities and self-aggrandizement. For example, a document examiner who has only handled a few cases and has only testified in court on several occasions cannot be the "number 1 document examiner in the country." Another document examiner who claims to be the "number 1 examiner" has multiple felony convictions. For additional information in choosing an examiner, go to Selecting A Document Examiner.

Facts About Handwriting

According to Susan A. Greenfield in Journey to the Centers of the Mind, handwriting, especially a signature, is the only universally accepted outward sign of an individual. Your signature identifies you when you sign legal and financial documents.

Published Books by Katherine Kopperhaver

Some websites have offered Mrs. Koppenhaver's books for free. Most recently the Attorneys Guide to Document Examination has been made available. Mrs. Koppenhaver holds the copyrights on all of her books and has not authorized anyone to provide her books for free. Her only compensation for writing books is the royalities earned from the sale of books. If anyone finds an unauthorized copy of Mrs. Koppenhaver's books for free, please contact her. Thank you.

Identity Theft Prevention for the College Student

By Robert Baier
Robert Baier's book on identity theft should be read by anyone who could become a victim of and not just college students. Identity theft is the fastest growing crime in the world because it is easy to obtain personal information from anywhere in the world. The Internet makes it difficult to catch the thieves who steal someone's good name. Robert Baier's book offers many suggestions to protect you from becoming a victim as well as information on what to do if you do become a victim. I highly recommend this book to everyone. Order Identity Theft Prevention for the College Student.

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