Books for Forensic Document Examiners

Attorney's Guide to Document Examination

This guide is designed to assist attorneys who are working on questioned document cases. Includes basic information on the principles of document examination, factors that influence handwriting, where to find documents, and how to take request writing. Over 1000 questions for court or deposition. Section on court citations related to handwriting issues. Published by Greenwood Press. For an excerpt from the book, go to Collecting Exemplars.

Forensic Document Examination

Katherine Mainolfi Koppenhaver's newest book, Forensic Document Examination, Principles and Practice is available from Springer. This is the first book written specifically as a college textbook in document examination. For more information or to purchase, go to Springer.

Katherine Mainolfi Koppenhaver has also authored the following books relating to document examination.

The Principles of Handwriting Examination

A Systematic Examination of Handwriting

This book has been designed to assist document examiners in handling a case from start to finish. It covers all the procedures that an examiner needs to complete from the first inquiry to the court appearance. This book contains a series of check lists to cover all areas of the examination.

The Business of Document Examination, Third Edition

How to establish your document business based on the personal experiences of an established Document Examiner. Contains updated material based upon 27 years of experience. Revised and Expanded, now an e-book.

Demonstrative Evidence, Second Edition

A book for expert witnesses on how to prepare exhibits to assist in court testimony. Also includes how to collect exemplars and how to make the best use of them in court.

Evaluating Evidence

Systematic examination of documents for handwriting experts. Includes a variety of forms as well as articles on document examination.

How To Be A Credible Witness

This book has been designed to assist anyone who testifies in court, lay witness or expert. The purpose of the book is to take the fear out of testifying for all witneses. The book includes information on preparing for court, testifying under direct examination and handling cross-examination.

Red Flags On Forged Checks, by Joe Lucas

Authored by Joe Lucas and edited by Katherine M. Koppenhaver, this book covers the detection and defense of forged and fraudulent checks.

Scientific Document Examination Manual

This is a workbook for document examiners who want hands-on practice working on various types of cases. The book contains some actual cases for review. Additionally, the book contains information on measuring, signs of forgery, and the master pattern for systematic document examination.

Selection of International Penmanship Systems

This reference book has been compiled to assist document examiners in identifying countries of origin when comparing handwriting samples so that they can recognize class characteristics. Over 50 handwriting systems illustrated.


QDE Index

Marcel Matley has compiled a QDE Index on the relevant articles published about document examination over the past 100 years.

Book Reviews

Book reviews on the relevant books for document examiners have been published in the NADE newsletter, Communique, over the past ten years.