Review — QDE Index, A Guide to Periodical Articles In English on Document Examination, Handwriting Expertise and Expert Testimony by Marcel Matley

Reviewed by Katherine Koppenhaver

Marcel Matley has produced a QDE Index, covering articles published in scholarly journals over the past hundred years. He has catalogued over 3,600 articles with a Court Case Index, Author Index, and Subject and Key Word Index. The Table of Contents takes up six pages just listing the journals referenced.

This QDE Index represents many hours of labor on Marcel Matley's part. It is a tremendous undertaking. He will never be adequately compensated financially for all of the time that he has devoted to this publication. It is priceless and Marcel has priced his guide so that it is accessible to all examiners.

QDE Index should be in every document examiner's reference library. It is the most important reference book on document examination written to date.

QDE Index gives readers access to articles on every subject relating to handwriting.

Want to know something about left-handed writers, adhesives, chromatography, lycopodium, sex and handwriting, or water-damaged documents? Look up the sources in QDE Index. Entries range from Abnormal Handwriting to the Zodiac Killer.

Want to know what an opposing examiner has written? Look him or her up in the QDE Index, then locate the articles that he or she has written in the journals indicated. Your local library should be able to tell you where various journals can be found and they may even be able to get copies for you. Go to a law library for many of the journals.

Need court citations relating to any aspect of document examination? Look them up on the court citation section.

Frankly, Marcel's QDE Index is the most valuable reference book for document examiners and it is very reasonably priced.

This information is presented as a courtesy.